Aromas del Sur Jornada 5 Camaron

This is the fifth day of our flamenco journey.

Walking through the streets of San Fernando, with the smell of the sea and salt in the air, we will discover the modern town and the alleys of the neighborhood of “Las Callecitas”. In these streets, we can imagine a thin, restless blond child running around the corners on the way to the forge where his father worked.

José Monge Cruz, a curious child, listened to a lot of cante at home with his parents, where real flamenco was always present. He was only a child when his father died, and, as one of the youngest of eight siblings, he found a way to help his family by singing in the afternoons at Venta de Vargas.  This is how his career began, how Camarón de la Isla was born.  He was the best contemporary flamenco singer and one of the most important figures in the history of flamenco.

We will retrace the step of this genius by visiting the museum that is dedicated to him, which is housed in a new building located next to the famous Venta de Vargas. We will have lunch here and finish our route with another flamenco fiesta.