El Origen Jornada 4 Huelva

La Rábida and its famous Franciscan monastery are a hundred kilometers south of Seville on the Atlantic coast.  This is where Christopher Columbus retired so that he could prepare the adventure that would lead him to making the discovery of America. In “Los Lugares Colombinos” (the Places of Colombus) Huelva, which includes the towns of Palos de la Frontera and Moguer, we can find replicas of the three caravels that crossed the ocean in search of the route to the Indies.
We will visit these places to discover more about these events that changed history.

After this visit, we will visit one of the charming “signature” wineries of this area that have a renowned wine-making tradition.  The winemaker will be in charge of explaining the mysterious processes that go into making his products, which we can enjoy right here.

At lunch time we will enjoy the popular local gastronomy, and then we will experience the passion of a flamenco fiesta, in which the artists of this area of Andalusia offer their own unique styles.