Mar y Montes Jornada 5 Alhambra y Generalife

We will return to the city of Granada, ready to visit one of the most beautiful and impressive architectural jewels on the planet. After having already seen the magnificent construction of the Alhambra palace on our earlier walk through the Sacromonte neighborhood, it would be wrong for us to leave the city without entering the magical palatial rooms and the sumptuous gardens that overflow with history.

After this exceptional visit, we will explore the labyrinthine streets of the Albaicín neighborhood, located on the other side of the Darro River, opposite the Alhambra.  This neighborhood is full of history, including periods in which Granada was the capital of the Nasrid kingdom.  At the heart of this neighborhood, we will discover one of the most emblematic places of the world of Andalusian flamenco: the Peña de la Platería, an association of flamenco culture, founded in 1949.  Since then, the most distinguished artists in the history of flamenco have stepped onto its stages.

In this highly revered setting, we will be immersed in a flamenco ritual once again. After an excellent lunch at the Peña’s restaurant, a flamenco gathering with select artists from Granada will take place, at which we will be further astonished by the deep emotions that flamenco can stir up.