Poniente Jornada 2 Cadiz

After the impressive experiences of the previous day, we will move on to the city of Cádiz: one of the cities that played an important part at the beginning of the story of flamenco. We will experience a host of astonishing new feelings in a city with over three thousand years of history, with the scent of the sea permeating every corner. 
Passing through the ancient arch of “Puerta de Tierra”, we will set off into the ancient labyrinth that makes up this city surrounded by the sea. There are majestic buildings crowned by strange towers, from which people were able to spot the boats arriving from America during those magnificent times when Cádiz was the most important commercial port in the world.

Flamenco in Cádiz reflects the lifestyles of its inhabitants. Gaditanos are welcoming, cheerful, cosmopolitan, and noisy. This friendly, charming nature is openly expressed during their famous carnival. 

After our stroll through the streets, we will try some traditional cuisine at one of the most emblematic places in the city. Finally, we will bring the day to a close at an authentic flamenco fiesta with renowned local artists.